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Safety During Your Photo Shoot

Safety During Your Photo Shoot

Esteem Boudoir Photography - Empowering Sexy Women in Atlanta Georgia and Phoenix Arizona Safety


Esteem Boudoir Photography - Empowering Sexy Women in Atlanta Georgia and Phoenix Arizona Safety

Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern

I hope you are having a good day and staying healthy during all this craziness!

As you know, our country is in a time of crisis and great risk to the health and safety of the general public and as such we will be changing the way things work in the studio for a few weeks.

While we will still be running due to our low risk, small group environment we do want to ensure clients coming to their sessions are well prepared and aware of the necessary procedures and precautions needed to keep everyone safe.

For those who will be keeping their session dates we want to reassure you that the studio team is taking extra precautions with cleaning and sanitizing. We will also be sure to have precautionary supplies in the studio such as hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes and masks for our team to ensure everyone’s safety.  While we run a very tight ship on a day to day basis and are always working to ensure things are clean and sanitary we want to reassure you that extra precautions are being taken to make sure you are comfortable and safe coming to your session with us.

With that said we do want to ensure that our clients are taking precautions for themselves as well so we will be asking that all clients start taking their temperature every day for the week leading up to their session. This will help with cutting down on the risk for not only you but our team and our other clients as well.  Should you find that you have an elevated temperature leading up to your session or show any signs of being sick we will ask that you reschedule for your own safety and the safety of others. Please note that a reschedule fee will not apply and we are happy to help you get rescheduled for free, no questions asked.

For those clients who are immunosuppressed and high risk themselves or have family members who are high risk, we will be offering no questions asked free reschedules. Regardless of your health status, anyone is welcome to take advantage of the free reschedule. We want to ensure all clients have a wonderful experience and stay safe and healthy.  If you would like to take advantage of the free reschedule please do so by contacting us as soon as possible.

During your photo shoot, we will maintain the recommended 6 feet of separation.  All contact will be avoided (which we strictly enforce anyway), and hair and makeup services are suspended until further notice.  You will be responsible for doing your own hair and makeup prior to the shoot.

Also, you are encouraged to wash your hands frequently. We recommend hour wash your hands every time you leave the studio space for a wardrobe change. We will do the same.  Hand sanitizer will be available, as long as our supplies hold out and can be replenished.  We do have plenty of toilet paper on hand – lol!

Additionally, food and drinks will not be provided until further notice. You should plan ahead and bring whatever drinks and snacks you will need during the shoot.  We discourage the consumption of alcohol, but if you need a some “liquid courage”, we insist you refrain from becoming impaired.

Please remain vigilant and stay up to date on all the latest Covid-19 information and suggested protocols.  You can find more information at the following links:

CDC – Covid-19

Covid-19 Sick Map

Should you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are so happy to help!

Thanks again for choosing us and we can’t wait to work with you!