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Our passion is to empower women through breathtaking photography

Phoenix Boudoir photographer, Esteem Boudoir specializes in fine art boudoir photography.

Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and above all – sexy!  We understand how to pose you and make you look breathtaking and want you to cherish the experience forever.  It may be a special gift to yourself or for someone special in your life. You may be celebrating a significant milestone. Regardless of the reason, we strive to exceed your expectations and know you will leave your session with a reinvigorated sense of beauty and self-esteem.  We’re accepting reservations for our Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona studios.


Beauty is not bound by size, shapes or numbers. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are GORGEOUS. All women deserve to be cherished and celebrated. We believe the elegance of being a woman and the intricacies of desire, longing, passion, beauty and love are breathtaking — exquisite things to behold and capture. Let Phoenix boudoir photographer, Esteem Boudoir create sensuous art of yourself for yourself. And your significant other may want to take a peek, too…

Glamour Portraits

Embrace your unique beauty and style with a glamour portrait photography session that puts you center stage. Glamour portraits are a celebration of your beauty — and imperfections, that will capture your true self and soul.  Let Phoenix boudoir photographer, Esteem Boudoir capture your inner and outer beauty with a session tailored to and celebrating YOU!


There is an unparalleled luminescence that radiates from a pregnant woman. A glow so unique to pregnancy that it’s impossible to replicate under any other circumstance. Let Phoenix boudoir photographer, Esteem Boudoir create thoughtful, artistic maternity photos that celebrate this joyous event that will be treasured by you, your significant other, your friends and family and, yes, your unborn child, forever!

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We're accepting reservations for our Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona studios.

Happy Clients

“I am absolutely delighted both with my photos and experience working with Esteem Boudoir. From start to finish the entire process was comfortable, fun, and rewarding. Esteem Boudoir is firstly concerned with making you look and feel your absolute best, all while being super positive, engaging, and humorous. I can’t recommend this studio highly enough – from the great sets to the considerate photographer, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not booking a session right now.”


Chattanooga, TN

“Esteem Boudoir was my first professional photography experience and I could not be happier with the results. Russ was very professional and very helpful with posing, ideas, etc., and made sure I got the best possible shots. I felt very comfortable and was very happy with how the pictures turned out. I can’t wait to do another shoot! I highly recommend Esteem Boudoir to anyone looking for a very enjoyable experience along with amazing photographs.”


Chattanooga, TN

“I am so thankful that I did a boudoir photo shoot with Esteem. I was a little nervous at first but Russ was absolutely wonderful. He made me feel so relaxed and was great at directing me. I couldn’t ask for more! I absolutely love my pictures. Esteem Boudoir helped me to see myself in a completely different light – as not just a mom, but as a confident woman who is beautiful on the inside and out.”


Atlanta, GA

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