Milk Bath Sessions Are My New Favorite!

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Milk Bath photos create a creamy, dreamy vibe that's almost surreal. Have you ever wanted to do a milk bath shoot?
Esteem Boudoir Photography - Empowering Sexy Women in Atlanta Georgia and Phoenix Arizona

I recently shot a milk bath session with the beautiful and talented Anna Grace.  She was fantastic to work with and the images are gorgeous.  I think milk bath is my new favorite session type.  Check out some of the pictures below to see why!  We actually use powdered non-dairy creamer instead of milk — it has more consistent translucence and has other benefits too.

If you’re ready to book your own milk bath session, contact us to inquire about availability.  We’re here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

About Esteem Boudoir

Esteem Boudoir specializes in tasteful boudoir photography.  Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and above all – sexy!  We understand how to pose you and make you look breathtaking and want you to cherish the experience forever.

It may be a special gift to yourself or for someone special in your life. You may be celebrating a significant milestone. Regardless of the reason, we strive to exceed your expectations and know you will leave your session with a reinvigorated sense of beauty and self-esteem.

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