We Proudly Introduce Our New Cherry Blossom Set!

At Esteem Boudoir, we are always pushing ourselves to create beautiful, empowering images of amazing women!  We closely monitor emerging trends on social media and within the photography market.  We try to introduce beautiful, elegant sets to our studio that we know our clients will love.  We’re proud to introduce our new, cherry blossom themed set.  This is our darkest set to date, creating a moody, yet elegant look, basked in a warm red glow.  Are you ready to book your photo shoot with this set?

Believe it or not, this set was inspired by a recent trip to our local Ikea.  I noticed a display with a lovely floral pattern, fuchsia lights hanging on either side of the bed, and thought it would make a beautiful set.  Below is the display from Ikea.  I think we did a fantastic job creating an improved version of that display.

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