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5 Simple Tips For Self Love

5 Simple Tips For Self Love

Esteem Boudoir Photography - Empowering Sexy Women in Atlanta Georgia and Phoenix Arizona tips for self love


Esteem Boudoir Photography - Empowering Sexy Women in Atlanta Georgia and Phoenix Arizona tips for self love

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these crazy times!

For this month’s newsletter I wanted to give 5 simple tips for practicing self love for free from the comfort of your home.

As we all know going out isn’t an option right now for many of us and in most cases salons and spas are closed.  I wanted to be sure that you ladies had the proper tools to continue your self love journeys right from the comfort of your couch even if the littles are running amuck and everything is in temporary chaos.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to remember that we matter just as much as everyone else and we cannot allow ourselves to get left behind.  We all know its so hard to fit everything we need into our schedule, especially when everyone is home and we gotta make sure things are taken care of, but we also know that self love and self care are crucial to our health and happiness!

So today is your day to take these simple steps towards self love during self isolation and get back on top of your mindset!

1. Self Love Affirmations

Every morning when you wake up take just a few extra minutes for yourself during your morning routine. While you are doing all that morning prep take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself three things you love about you. Repeat them to yourself a few times for good measure. This will help you start off every day the right way and set the tone for self love all day!

2. Take a little Me TV Time

While we are cooped up in our houses one thing we do still have is TV. So turn on the TV or grab your laptop and take some time to put those chores on hold while the kids are napping. Whether its your favorite show, a romance that will make you swoon, or a comedy just be sure to take this time and let yourself just exist for a bit. It’s perfectly okay to stop and give yourself that moment for you! In fact it will help everyone in the long run so binge an episode or twelve 😉

3. A Hot Bath

Naturally, as woman and mothers it’s our instinct to jump in the shower wash our hair and body as fast as we an and jump back out to tend to other family members.  I challenge you to do some self care by really enjoying your shower time. Some of our best thinking is done in the shower, so take some time for you and hey, if you can turn it into a bath with a great book, some bubbles and a glass of wine you better get it girl!

4. DIY face Mask

So the spa is closed? That’s okay! You probably have tons of ingredients for face masks right in your pantry or fridge! Take some time to use up those unused ingredients and put them to work on your skin! You’ll feel refreshed and your skin will thank you! Here is a favorite recipe of ours for you to try, or you can look one up and share it with us in our Facebook group! No matter which way you go you’ll be treating yourself and keeping healthy while doing it!

5. Music Speaks to the Soul

One fabulous way to get your self care on even in the midst of the cooking. cleaning, chores and kids is to do it all to the sound track of your soul! So throw on your favorite music and jam out or toss on a relaxing meditation and let go of all that stress. Either way you go you can treat your senses to a destress no matter what’s going on around you!

Now that you have some quick tips and awesome suggestions for keeping your self care going even during quarantine you gotta get to it and make it happen! You can do this and we here at Esteem Boudoir are rooting for you!

Feel free to get your self care on and encourage other babes to do the same in our Facebook group! We would love to see you putting these tips into action so share your favorite face mask recipe, show us a picture of you dancing to your self care playlist or share the three things you love about yourself!

No matter what you do just be sure you aren’t forgetting to take care of you!

Stay Beautiful! Stay Healthy! Give yourself the love you deserve and remember self love is not selfish!