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Hi, and welcome to Atlanta maternity photographer, Esteem Boudoir — your premiere boudoir portrait studio based in Kennesaw, Georgia. We specialize exclusively in photographs that put you in the best light (pun intended) and make you feel, and look glamorous.

Nine months, that’s all you have. In these nine short months, your body will change more than it ever has before. Nine months to prepare to fall in love for a lifetime. I’m Russ, and I am super delighted that you have chosen me as your maternity photographer. As a husband, I have personally experienced the miracle of pregnancy and birth 3 times. You are creating, growing, and giving life. It is incredible!

This day is literally all about you. Let us take care of you here at Esteem Boudoir. We know that once the baby arrives, you will have minimal time to take care of yourself. That is exactly why you deserve a full day of spoiling.  You will shine with pregnancy glow in these stunning pictures!

Our Boudoir Portfolio


So you want to book with Atlanta Boudoir Photographer, Esteem Boudoir? Believe us when we say that we are just as excited as you are about your session!

We offer four unique packages, each of which comes with a wardrobe consultation. If you have any questions about which package is the best for your needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be more than happy work with you.  We can create a custom package to fit any budget.

We require a 25% deposit to book your session, which locks in your session date. The remaining balance is due at the start of your fabulous shoot.  Drop us a message to book your session!

The Goddess

Was $600
Now $480

* Unlimited Wardrobe Changes
* On-Site Professional Makeup and Hair Styling by one of our Talented Artists
* Pro Wardrobe Consultation and Styling
* Expert Posing & Expression Coaching
* 120 Minute Photo Session
* 50+ Fully Retouched Images
* Complimentary Head Shots
* Premium Photo Album
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The Enchantress

Was $250
Now $200

* 2 Wardrobe Changes
* On-Site Professional Makeup and Hair Styling by one of our Talented Artists
* Pro Wardrobe Consultation and Styling
* Expert Posing & Expression Coaching
* 60 Minute Photo Session
* 20 Fully Retouched Images
* Complimentary Head Shots
* One 8x10 Print Of Your Choice
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The Seductress

Was $400
Now $320

* 3 Wardrobe Changes
* On-Site Professional Makeup and Hair Styling by one of our Talented Artists
* Pro Wardrobe Consultation and Styling
* Expert Posing & Expression Coaching
* 90 Minute Photo Session
* 30 Fully Retouched Images
* Complimentary Head Shots
* 3 - 8x10 Prints Of Your Choice
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The Charmer

Was $125
Now $100

* 1 Wardrobe Change
* Pro Wardrobe Consultation and Styling
* Expert Posing & Expression Coaching
* 45 Minute Photo Session
* 10 Fully Retouched Images
* Complimentary Head Shots
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Information About Your Boudoir Session

Boudoir is a sen­sual and sexy style of pho­tog­ra­phy. The boudoir experience is a beautiful gift you can give yourself (or someone you love) that is unique and intimate, adventurous, and confidence building all at the same time. Esteem Boudoir focuses on mak­ing our clients feel incredible, attrac­tive and sexy. It’s not about being in per­fect shape, thin, or young; instead we high­light your best fea­tures to cre­ate a beau­ti­ful image. A boudoir image should capture the essence of who you are and elicit a feeling of empowerment and loving yourself without apology.

We believe all women should feel beautiful and sexy and love their bodies. Promoting a positive body image and boosting the self-esteem of our clients is our primary mission. That’s why it’s the first word in our name. Our brand is built around the idea that every woman should exude confidence and love themselves inside and out. A boudoir photo session is an empowering experience that will heighten your appreciation of who you are.

You should book your session about a month in advance. That provides ample time to hold a pre-shoot consultation and to ensure no scheduling conflicts.

You should plan on your photo shoot lasting at least 2 hours. The length of the session depends on the number of clothing changes and studio environments used during the shoot.

We offer several options for the location of the shoot. The shoot can take place in our home studio. We can also come to you and shoot in your home if you would feel more comfortable there. Lastly, you can arrange to hold the shoot at an upscale hotel or bed and breakfast for an additional fee.

It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don’t worry. Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up.  We strive for a fun, relaxing, creative environment where you feel at ease and empowered.

Yes, you can bring a friend if you think it will help you relax. We want you to feel at ease and we promote safety at all times, so bringing a friend to act as a chaperone is encouraged.  However, if they are making you uncomfortable, they may have to wait in the lobby.

Review boudoir pictures online (Google Image search for “boudoir photography” works well). Get an idea of the style and poses you prefer. Consider the clothing and lingerie you would like to wear during the shoot. Even better, treat yourself to a special shopping spree for new lingerie or a sexy bra and panty set.

The day before your photo shoot, drink lots of water – it will make your skin more elastic and give it a nice, healthy shine. Get plenty of rest the night before. Try to wear loose fitting clothes for at least an hour prior to your shoot to minimize lines on your skin. Most importantly, be prepared to laugh and have a great time!

We do not provide your wardrobe. This is something you’ll have to pick out and bring along yourself. If you need help choosing an outfit, we can definitely give you some suggestions, though.

There are many places you can find quality lingerie.  Remember that well fitting lingerie is essential for the best results.  Here are our favorites…

Remember, the idea of a Boudoir photography session is to have fun and be yourself! If you’re more conservative bring tight jeans and a few tight, low cut tops. If you want to show a little more bring your favorite lingerie; baby dolls, corsets, robes, teddies, costumes, lacy bras and underwear are great ideas.

Other ideas include shawls, jewelry, evening gloves, stockings and hobby accessories like cowboy hats, riding crops, instruments and other props you or your loved one likes. Don’t forget the high heels and lip gloss! Some like to make their Boudoir photography session about their significant other so they bring in their favorite sports team’s jersey, job uniform, or their spouse’s shirts.

Absolutely! I give super easy-to-follow instructions and coach you in order to pose you in the most flattering position.  We have extensive experience posing all body types and sizes and will make sure every picture captures you in the most flattering, sexy, beautiful way.

Yes, most certainly. We will only share photos if you have given us permission and have approved the images for sharing. We respect your wishes and won’t post or share any images if you’d prefer they stay private.

No, not at all! You will never be asked to do something you aren’t completely comfortable with.  We can do strategically covered topless shots but there is never any full nudity in a typical shoot. Leaving a little to the imagination will drive any man wild! If you are interested in any nude shots a consultation will be required to discuss your ideas prior to your shoot, and you will be required to bring a chaperone that will be present during the photo shoot.  We reserve the right to refuse any pose we consider obscene or in bad taste.

Yes. For some people, a little “liquid courage” helps them relax and enjoy the shoot. However, due to liability concerns, alcoholic consumption cannot be excessive or lead to impaired judgement or behavior.

Absolutely. A Boudoir Party is a fun excuse to get your friends together and have a great time. Most clients provide their friends with wine or champagne and appetizers to add to the experience. The cost per package is nicely discounted, so please inquire about hosting a party. The discount depends on the number of people attending the party.

Yes. The hostess will receive 50% off their package. All guest will receive a free 5×7 print.

That depends on the location of the party. If the party is done in studio, there is a separate space to enjoy wine and snacks while other participants are in the studio. If the party is hosted at another location, it depends on the accommodations.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Contact us and we can answer it for you.


Privacy is our priority when it comes to your photo session. Boudoir photography is an intimate art form. Esteem Boudoir will never share your photos on our web site, blog, marketing materials, or social media sites without your written permission. You will never be pressured to share your pictures, and the decision to allow Esteem Boudoir to feature your pictures in our portfolio is entirely up to you.  Read more about our privacy policy.

All images shared by Esteem Boudoir have the express, written approval of the client or model.

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