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Today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults.  Gone are the days of helicopter and snow plow parenting.  Parents want to teach their children the skills to grow.  We specialize in getting you started with the right tools, then we hand the toolbox to you and your child, so they can be empowered for life!

A New Model

Are you fed up with the traditional therapy model of one time per week that doesn’t seem to be making a difference in your child’s life?  You cannot eat healthy or exercise intensely once per week and expect significant change.  It MUST become a habit to stick.  Making changes require dedication and follow through.  We get it – this is the HARD part of being a parent to a child with special needs. You want to follow through with the home program daily, but life gets in the way.  We offer a NEW model of therapy: intensive, in your face – but short term!  You want your problems solved- and we can do that! We provide 1 month of short sessions 4 to 5 times per week, 30 – 60 minutes per day (more if needed) to work on feeding issues, potty training, fine motor intervention, dressing/other life skills and/or speech until your child “gets it”.  You choose one thing to focus on intensely, and we use a team approach to address it. We will then follow up with consistent consultation after, and make sure that everything stays A-OK.

Help For Everyone

Your child may not have a diagnosis, but he or she may still struggle with executive functioning at home and school. If ADD/ADHD is an issue, we understand that this is not a disorder of ability, but a disorder of performance. We use best practices of occupational and speech therapy, in conjunction with life coaching principles, to improve performance of executive functions, self-regulation and to decrease undesired behaviors in children and teens. We use a similar intensive model initially to jump start the new skills, then we pull back and allow your child to empower him or herself, with continued support on an as-needed basis.

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